Pluck or Trim? How to Tame That Nose Hair Jungle

Pluck or Trim? How to Tame That Nose Hair Jungle

Are you worried about how to deal with the long nose hair?

Actually, your nose hair is there to help you. A thick barrier of hair keeps bugs, bacteria, and other foreign contaminants out of your airways while allowing air to flow unobstructed. Sometimes, however, it's just too much. There's nothing wrong with keeping your nose hair in check if it sprouts wildly and noticeably from your nostrils, but be careful not to remove too much hair lest you compromise your immune system.

Pluck or trim? This is a question.
Now, let’s learn how to tame the nose hair jungle!

TIP1. To know your nose hair jungle.

a.Thick: The inner surface of your nose has as many hair follicles as your head.

b.Menacing: Nose hairs are a menace to dust, pollen and other particles that could make their way into your lungs and cause trouble.

c.Sticky: Nose hairs have a thin coating of mucus.

d.Distracting: When you’re talking to someone with a single nose hair sticking out, it can be hard not to stare.

TIP2. Choose a suitable tool to trim your nose hair.


Pros: more efficient and safer. Small enough to trim the hair you want without risking nicks and cuts as the ends are rounded for safety.

Cons: too big to trim hair inside the majority of the nose. Just clean between uses and pull out to groom other areas like the brows, mustache and outer ears.


Good for reaching inside and painless. A lot of the gadgets also are multi-tasking allowing for trimming of the ears, eyebrows, and nose, giving more bang for the buck.​


Pros: Long-last.

Cons: You have taken away most of your filter, and there is much more chance of irritation and ingrown hair. Painful! Maybe hurt your nasal cavity.


Pros: Removes hair from the root- but one at a time. Ouch! People that have tweezed their nose hair say that waxing it is much less painful.

Cons: A little painful. Maybe hurt your nasal cavity.

TIP3. Pluck it? Or trim it?

Trim it. Trimming, as a rule, is safer than plucking, and you should only remove the hair that actually sticks out of your nose. Use a cosmetic scissors with rounded points. Or a mechanical trimmer. Most drug stores carry a variety of grooming devices designed to trim nose hair.

TIP4. Thick nose hair may be good for you.

One small international study suggested that the density of nasal hairs may play a role in decreasing the risk of asthma, although this has as yet to be validated. As unsightly or awkward as they may be, your nose hairs play an important role in keeping you healthy. And there's a very good reason why you shouldn't pluck them out. So that trimming your nose hair trimmer at regular intervals instead of cutting your all nose hair at once. Follow us, always remember to read the instruction manual of your trimming device to avoid any accidents.

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